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Latest Play Room News

It has been a challenging time for everyone since early 2020 and here at The Old School House Kindergarten we are continuing with our new normal of washing our hands more and staying in our ‘bubble’ groups with our group teachers and this will be ongoing in 2021.

Play Room News:

The Jack in Box children have been busy exploring the garden and role play area now they are more mobile.  They have also been taking part in lots of messy and sensory activities and have really enjoyed some new experiences and are looking forward to lots more.  As part of Music Matters, the  children have been introduced to different types of music and are being encouraged to move in different ways.

Hopscotch have been exploring numbers 1-5 with paints, making a number caterpillar and a number hunt out in the garden.  They have also shown lots of interest in dinosaurs and have made their own 3D dinosaur and dinosaur footprints with their own feet.  There has been a lot of dancing so far this term exploring different types of music as well as using the musical instruments to make their own sounds.  In the sensory tray they have been exploring sand with the diggers and practicing scooping the water beads.

Hobby Horse have been learning lots of new nursery rhymes and exploring the sounds of different instruments.  The children have been making lots of different models with a wide variety of construction materials adding them to their construction display.  This term they are also starting to look at the sounds letters make in their names and other familiar words.

Spinning Tops have really enjoyed reading “One Snowy Night” so have used it as the basis of their nature display alongside watching the Amaryllis bulb they planted before Christmas.  This has meant lots of maths language and measuring is going on.  I wonder how tall the Amaryllis will grow.

The children have also really enjoyed playing the listening lotto games both animal sounds and environmental sounds and this has been a big hit so far.  In letters and sounds they have been exploring syllables, letter sounds and learning some new songs.






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