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Latest Play Room News

Play Room News:

We have revamped our home learning bags and parent library which is located in reception next to the parents notice board.  We cannot wait to hear about all the fun you have with them at home.  We are in the middle of getting ready to invite the parents in for lunch again soon and are looking forward to celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee in June.  

The children have been very busy in their rooms and the Jack in the Box and Hopscotch have enjoyed exploring the room from a different perspective, as well as taking part in lots of music and movement now they have found their dancing feet!  We have also been working hard at learning our body parts and following instructions with lots of different action rhymes;  our favourite is Elephants Have Wrinkles! The children have  been exploring different mark making equipment, sensory play, stories and musical toys in their rooms looking at all the different marks and sounds they can make as well as the different tools they can use to make play dough models and sandcastles.    The Hopscotch children have also spent a lot of time looking at photos from their second birthdays as well as looking for the moon in the night sky which has led to lots of discussions about space and which is leading into a new display.

Hobby Horse children have been exploring lots of STEAM activities and have really enjoyed all the different experiments looking at things like weights and measures and cause and effect activities using their senses to explore a wide variety of activities.  The children loved going out in the carpark to look for natural material for their collage and exploring what they can make and do with junk modelling.  The children have also been exploring their feelings and actions as well as how others might be feeling using the colour monster story which also links to their self-registration board and the nursery Golden Rules.

Recently in Spinning Tops the children have been very busy learning about the changing seasons, collecting materials to add their display.  The children have been using the role play corner and other props and games to explore healthy and unhealthy foods and discussing how to make healthy choices.   We have introduced Show and Tell and Library Time that the children have really enjoyed taking part in as they share special objects and activities with their friends and families.



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